Kelly Higgins, Nurse Practitioner

Leading Edge Healthcare and specifically Scott Clark; has helped me tremendously with my professional growth and ability to deliver healthcare successfully   in today’s challenging environment.  Scott’s business sense, knowledge, perception and his communication skills are what makes the company top notch.  I rarely make a major decision in my business without consulting Leading Edge.”

Kelly Higgins, Nurse Practitioner

Alicia Labrecque RPT, NHA, MHA
Chief Executive Officer

Orlando Senior Health Network

“We originally hired Leading Edge to consult with us in our home health division.  They have done an outstanding job.  We have covered their consulting fees many times over because they have so many value added services and great programs.  We have increased our revenues and decreased our expenses throughout the organization.  This group truly cares.  They have vast experience, resources and knowledge.  They have helped every division of our organization including skilled nursing, assisted living, home care, independent living, pharmacy and purchasing.  We love them!!


Orlando Senior Health Network