Kelly Higgins, Nurse Practitioner

Leading Edge Healthcare and specifically Scott Clark; has helped me tremendously with my professional growth and ability to deliver healthcare successfully   in today’s challenging environment.  Scott’s business sense, knowledge, perception and his communication skills are what makes the company top notch.  I rarely make a major decision in my business without consulting Leading Edge.”

Kelly Higgins, Nurse Practitioner

Carolyn Sithong, JS, OTR/L, SCME, CAPS
Founder, Chief Health Officer

“Leading Edge provided my business the opportunity to meet with many community partners and helped to generate creative ideas for how my business and other healthcare providers can work together. Always with an out-of-the-box vision, Scott continues to be a reliable and credible resource in the healthcare field. His advice, recommendations and support have always been in line with my personal and professional vision. He is a trusted resource on many levels and I feel very privileged to work with him and the Leading Edge team.”


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