Developed and operationalized the Skilled Nursing Unit (SNU) on behalf of South Lake Hospital located in Central Florida.  This included assistance with budget projections, regulatory readiness, personnel recruitment and the selection of the facilities EMR.

Led the design and development of the first “Leading Practice” for a Transition Services program recently recognized and “Blueprinted” by VHA Southeast. 

Collaborated with two of the largest Post – Acute Care providers in the country to develop some of the most advanced Sub-Acute Care programs in the nation. These programs could accommodate a variety of medically complex patients including those that were ventilator dependent.

Return To Hospital 

One of the first healthcare professionals to partner with a nationally recognized retail pharmacy chain to develop a Post-Acute Care Program designed to ensure patients received their medications prior to discharge and included coordinated follow up by a clinical pharmacist.

This program significantly increased patient satisfaction and vastly reduced risk of re-hospitalization.


Pioneered one of the first Healthcare Networks in the country designed to provide owned and non-owned Post – Acute Care Services in a strategic manner that allowed the integration of health care services across the continuum.